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Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services


Color Farm was founded 2013 in Shanghai, China. We feature an international team of artists all united our the same vision. Our goal is to develop and provide creative solution for visually demanding or challenging projects. We are looking forward to help you out with your specific needs concerning quality, budget or schedule. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we are always here to help!

Experienced Team

We feature an international team of experienced artists from all over the world, with the flexibility to scale to your needs.

Outstanding Quality

We always strive for the best possible quality and are constantly pushing the limits to exceed our clients expectations.

On Time Delivery

We will provide solutions to make even challenging projects fit into a tight production schedule to ensure an on-point delivery.

Competetive Budget

By using our optimized and battle-proven pipeline we are able to offer a competetive pricing structure for our services.


High-Res stillframe rendering for automotive content, architectural visualizations or product design that contain the design philosophy and represent their brand identity


High quality animations for all kind of needs such as advertisements, product videos or animated visualizations


High quality 3d content or finalized compositing for visual effects related projects, such as feature movies and advertisement


Creative solutions for events, such as 2d and 3d screen content for car shows, fashion shows or product presentations


Fully animated 3D or 2D for advertisement, movies or computer games. We also offer services for additional effects such as fur or cloth

Web Content

Web content, such as online configurators for products or cars with multiple colors or configurations to chose and compare from

About Color Farm

Color Farm is a young and energetic CGI-company founded 2013 in Shanghai, China.

We are thrilled to server our customers with a wide variety of services and offer tailor-made creative solutions for any requirement. We stand for creativity, quality, highly efficient workflow and outstanding results. By using our global experience our goal is to deliver an international standard to our clients. From our office in Shanghai we server the local Chinese market, as well as our international clients from all over the world.





Lighting and Shading




Compositing and Retouch





We provide service for modeling any kind of asset such as product designs, digital environments or even entire characters.


We can help to create believable and realistic textures for your assets, from realistic weathering to subtle imperfections that create a believable result.

Lighting and Shading

We can develop physically accurate shading networks, that create realistic results under any lighting condition and show off your designs true beauty.


We offer a wide range of animations, both for 2d and 3d. No matter if you want to animate a character or need stylized motiongraphics, we are here to help.

Compositing and Retouching

Apart from handling individual tasks we also specialized in bringing everything together in compositing to create a truly convincing end result.


We can use our optimized workflow to generate convincing digital cameras from nearly any footage. We also provide set supervision for shooting.